Just Me.

Welcome! This is just. me. because, quite literally, I forgot to put on one bit of make-up for this photo session. After doing the rodeo-clown clothing ensemble check on each of my 5 sons, and trying to figure out WHAT to do with my toddler princess’s bed head (STEEP learning curve for this “old” mama of 5 sons) I rushed out the door for the family shoot. My sweet photographer friend was too kind to mention I had NO make-up on, and my jeans did NOT go with the shirt I had on. Love her!

This is a typical story, an accurate portrayal of my life. It’s just me. My family. We’re a mess but we love Jesus and we’re in (a very messy, chaotic) process. I hope in some small way, something I share will resonate with you, and help you to know you are not alone in this crazy life-journey. I hope to somehow point you to Him–the Maker of all goodness, the Maker of the masterpiece called just. you.


and Peace with You,